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Piano Lessons:

Piano lessons are a private , one on one - in half hour , 45 minute or one hour time slots.

4 times a year the students get together with their peers for a

Piano Party.

Piano Parties are a time to perform a song, play some games and explore new and interesting ways to learn about music.


There is always a chance to perform at Olivermusic.


Piano recitals:

Family Band Night

or be a band member at the  annual

OliverMusic Rock Band Concert

Incentive programs


In Studio Incentive programs are a great way to motivate practice and encourage new skills

The more you practice the more you are able to buy at the castle store . Become a beautiful princess , or a brave and handsome prince

"How to train a dragon" - or shall we say how to tame your new music

The "Music Olympics" all kinds of musical challenges to test your skills. Can you win the gold medal?

Duel Stream Music Lessons

Your lessons can be RCM Classical graded music +  translating a chord chart of your favourite pop song.


Students study the Royal Conservatory Graded system.

-prepare for an exam

-compete at the Peterborough Kiwanis Music Festival

Ensemble work is always great fun

duets ,quartets and more!

Learn to play the chords of your favourite Pop Song. Training for future rock stars, praise team pianists or just having fun with the songs you love.

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